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Portfolio Advising & Courses

Let's build your portfolio together!

Tablet Learning

How I can help

The services available are aimed to help with the preparation and production stage of completing a visual arts or design portfolio including advising sessions and a variety of short courses.

Portfolio Advising

Private sessions to discuss content, direction and edits for your current portfolio at any stage of the process. 

Learn Adobe C. Suite

Portfolio Production

Don’t know where to start? In this workshop I will create a personalised plan for creating content that will fit in the theme of your portfolio.

Learn Rhino 3D

If you have downloaded Adobe Creative Suite but need a little help getting started, I can walk you through the basic use of the applications to look great on your resume.

Mentorship Program

If you think you are destined for an education in the arts but do not know where to start or you’re far along (or there!) and need advice, let me help you along this stressful time as a person to confide in.

Are you interested in majoring in Architecture or Product Design? Learn the 3D modeling software Rhino to get ahead and create content for your portfolio.

Pop Up Workshop

Look out for pop-up workshops in your area to teach skills in person such as modeling, casting, print making, etc.

Let's work together!

Book your first session free to discuss goals
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